Polish showroom open for Fall HPMKT 2021 01 Oct 2021

Polish furniture joint exhibition will be open for October market in High Point again. After a year of pandemia companies are even stronger and camming back to US market with great opportunity of competitive sourcing. Lead times in Poland even in peak season do not extend 9 weeks and logistic is still very affordable.

Tired of sourcing from Asia? Try to source from Poland.

Poland is 2nd biggest furniture exporter in the world. Poland specializes in modern design both upholstery and assembled case goods or RTA flat packs. Our furniture is optimal for e-commerce, millennials and city apartments oriented. We offer high European standards of safety, quality, and design.

Discover the richness and diversity of Polish furniture at High Point Market! Our showroom is located at 220 Elm space #204! and will be opend from Saturday 10/16 to Wednesday 10/20 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sign up for an interview with our exhibitors, space is filling up fast.