7 Polish furniture companies join forces overseas 02 Apr 2020

The Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers brings together Polish companies from the furniture sector. The main goal is to integrate the furniture industry and participate in its shaping, as well as to promote Polish furniture on the national level and abroad. This is important because Poland is the world’s 2nd largest exporter of furniture. However, foreign customers focus only on product high-quality and low price, without knowing the furniture pedigree or the roots of the Polish furniture industry. Entrepreneurs, craftsmen and designers are not able to take on the burden of building a strong Polish brand and spreading knowledge about it. That is why this mission was taken over by the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers

The promotion of the Polish furniture sector in the United States is a huge undertaking. In the European Smart Design project, the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers is supported by 7 industry partners and the Polish National Foundation, the statute of which includes promoting the image of Poland abroad. Forces have been joint for the purpose of presentation of Polish furniture at the most important furniture fair in the United States, High Point Market, organized annually in North Carolina.

Polish partners at High Point Market:

  • Benix – manufacturer of high quality luxury furniture. The company was founded in 1993 as a sole proprietorship, today it employs over 1,200 employees, and exports furniture to countries on all continents. Its offer includes corner sofas, sofas and armchairs distinguished by unusual functionality and modern design.
  • Black Red White – the largest Polish furniture manufacturer, implementing projects around the world. The company has 19 production plants with a total area of 480 thousand. sq metres and employs over 8,000 employees. It boasts one of the largest offers on the market, which includes classic and modern room furniture, kitchen and upholstered furniture, as well as chairs and tables.
  • Gala Collezione – Polish brand with a global reach, offering over 150 furniture collections. The company has over 200 years of experience and employs over 700 employees. It exports modular and multifunctional furniture, also electrically controlled, to countries around the world.
  • Raw – Polish manufacturer of simple and functional solid wood furniture with a timeless, contemporary design, created using advanced craft techniques.
  • Szynaka Furniture – a multi-generational family company, present on the market since 1957 and at the same time a leading furniture manufacturer, exporting products to 60 countries on all continents. Szynaka Furniture Group is a well-coordinated team of over 3,500 employees, whose competences, skills, knowledge and experience translate into international success.
  • Vzór – aims to create a cross-sectional collection of timeless Polish furniture from the mid-20th century. The company mass produces a true icon – the RM58 armchair designed by Roman Modzelewski in 1958
  • Zięta Prozessdesign – the company is composed of an interdisciplinary team consisting of architects, industrial design designers, engineers and technologists, whose CEO is Oskar Zięta. Permanent collaborators include psychologists, biologists, scientists and many specialists from other fields. The company deals with the development of its own innovative sheet metal stabilization technologies, including FiDU and 3+ and their application in modern architecture, engineering and design within the FiDU Innovation Lab cell.